Saturday, July 10, 2010

All About RICO II

Scratching your head wondering where to go for the weekends?

Looking for something Exciting and Different for family and friends?

RICO II is the answer….

Captain John Hendricks is the Skipper for RICO II. With more then 50 years in the fishing/sailing industry, you can be sure that your trip will be safe and fruitful.

Rico II is a 60ft long 15ft wide wooden vessel equipped with top of the range Furuno GPS system.

The boat is perfect for fishing or holding company events and small gatherings for up to 10 person.

For family and friends that simply want to spend the weekend or overnight onboard a boat relaxing, you can try local waters nearing St John Island to see the beautiful night sky and scenery. You can even try your luck fishing or Eging for Sotong.

For the serious fishermen, RICO II will bring you to the South China Seas in search of fishes.

Facilities are as below:

State of the art Navigation System

Sitting Toilets with Shower Facilities

Kitchen equipped with Stove and Utensils

Fridge and Freezers

9 beds in Air-Conditioned Bunks

Hotwater Dispenser

To find out more, please see below:

Mobile: 97326655 (Avoid Fridays to Sundays as Captain John is mostly out at sea)



All Enquiries are welcome.

Just remember to tell John how many people you have and how much you all are willing to pay and I am sure he will be able to work something out for you!

Do not worry about not having enough people.

All Captain John wants are Happy Customers!